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What does a CFP® professional learn? Part 2

April 03, 2024 Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP® & Bri Conn Episode 77
Childfree Wealth®
What does a CFP® professional learn? Part 2
Show Notes

Wondering what a CFP® Professional learns? As Bri completes her CFP® coursework, her & Dr. Jay recap what she’s learned. In this episode they tackle insurance planning and risk management.

While insurance may sound dull, they make it engaging by sharing Bri's journey through the course. She admits that it took a lot of discipline to power through as it at times felt neverending.

You’ll hear practical advice on finding the right balance in coverage to make sure you’re not over or under insured. They also emphasize the importance of having a trusted insurance agent & the benefit of getting a second opinion.


With witty banter and a variety of examples (like alien abduction insurance!), they keep things light while covering the various forms of insurance from health insurance to business liability.


​​The Childfree Wealth Podcast, hosted by Bri Conn and Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP®, is a financial and lifestyle podcast that explores the unique perspectives and concerns of childfree individuals and couples.

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational & entertainment purposes. Please consult your advisor before implementing any ideas heard on this podcast.