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The Gardener & the Rose with Heather & Scott

July 19, 2023 Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP® & Bri Conn Episode 33
Childfree Wealth®
The Gardener & the Rose with Heather & Scott
Show Notes

The Childfree Wealth Podcast, hosted by Bri Conn and Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP®, is a financial and lifestyle podcast that explores the unique perspectives and concerns of childfree individuals and couples. In this episode, Dr. Jay talks with Heather & Scott.

As DINKs they embrace the gardener & the rose approach to life where one person is growing while the other is supporting. For them, this meant that after 10 years of being employed by the state, Heather started seeking a new challenge. This led to her leaving her career & pursuing her dream of being an author. Throughout you’ll hear the concerns she had, how their relationship has grown, & the advice they’d give to other couples looking at doing something similar.

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational & entertainment purposes. Please consult your advisor before implementing any ideas heard on this podcast.