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Ep. 23: Anna & Grant Planning Session #4

May 26, 2023 Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP® & Bri Conn Episode 23
Childfree Wealth
Ep. 23: Anna & Grant Planning Session #4
Show Notes

Disclaimer: Anna and Grant have agreed to have their financial planning sessions recorded and shared. They are not being paid for this session or paying for financial planning with Dr. Jay. If you are listening to this session, remember that the advice Dr. Jay is giving to Anna and Grant is for them only, and should be considered education or entertainment for your purposes.

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In this episode, you’ll hear what it’s like to be in a real financial planning situation with Dr. Jay Zigmont, CFP®. This is Anna & Grant’s fourth session. During this meeting, Dr. Jay digs more into employee benefits with Anna & Grant. In addition, they also review what it’s been like following a budget for the last month. Although this is the fourth meeting, this is their first month following a budget.  The first month never goes perfect. They further talk about balancing dining out, spending, and goals (such as travel).  It is possible to be on a budget and still travel, it just takes a bit of planning. 

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